March 19, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It would be difficult to write this letter at any time of the year but it is especially so on the eve of Holy Week and Easter. In compliance with the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors’ mandate to shelter in place, Morro Bay Presbyterian Church will not be conducting Sunday Services until further notice.

Even though we will not gather in the sanctuary, let us continue to worship on Sunday mornings. I want to encourage you to set aside that hour on Sunday morning when you would normally be in church. Pray. Listen to hymns and praise music. Sing along. I will continue to write messages and hopefully post the new ones on the church web site (

I also want to encourage you to uphold one another, not only in prayer, but also with contact by telephone and e-mail. I will be available to anyone who needs me, by phone or in person.

My contacts are:
H (805) 927-2969
C (805) 909-2226
O (805) 772-8659

It is my intention to come into the office most of the week to work on messages and to maintain communication with you.

I also had someone ask me, “What am I supposed to do with my offering?” Good question. We still have bills to pay. For the closed period please send your tithes and offerings to our Post Office Box
Morro Bay Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 142
Morro Bay, CA. 93443.

The most frequently repeated injunction in Scripture is “Fear not. Don’t be afraid.” This is a good time to take this command. There is a lot of fear in the world around us because of the unknown but you know the most important thing. You know the Living God and His Son, Jesus Christ. He holds you in the palm of His hands.

Be strong in the Lord as we sort through this in the coming weeks.

Yours in Christ
Pastor Tracy